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Looking for fun yet powerful night vision that fits in your pocket? You came to the right place. True NightVision features advanced image enhancement AND unique light gathering modes making this the most potent night vision app available. If that’s not enough, we added live FX for thermal imaging, night scope and more!

How does it work? It uses a live camera view and special photo enhancement techniques capable of producing a decent image at high speed (we’re talking fluid 30fps action here!) even where it’s way too dark for the iPhone’s camera app.

When that isn’t enough 3 additional modes slow down the camera, allowing it to gather up to 15x more light! It won’t work miracles (the iPhone camera is not physically capable of working in pitch blackness) but it will work in much darker conditions than anything else out there! This is what it can do:

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Featured in ‘Top 10 Best iPhone Gadget Apps’

“Ok, we have seen several ‘nightvision’ camera apps but they are often just a gimmick with a green lens / colour placed over the camera function. However, this app manages to impress in this much sought-after department. A night vision app that actually works with digital zoom, image enhancement features, loads of filters and a binocular simulation! Feature rich we say…”

True NightVision is a serious night vision app with powerful digital zoom and a selection of color filters for enhanced night time viewing. But it’s also fun, with live effects such as thermal imaging that look great during day or night and work together with enhancement. Take HD photos (iPhone 4 – lower resolution on 3GS) with enhancement and effects. And all with full, smooth, live video!

See it in action:

4 powerful modes:

  • Fast: for action use. Image enhancement combined with fast 30fps live view
  • High: balanced speed and power. Combines enhancement and higher light gathering capacity for a brighter, clearer view
  • Still: for low movement or stationary use. High power light gathering plus enhancement
  • Max: For stationary use only. Maximum light gathering plus enhancement for ultimate power!


  • Live, adjustable night vision enhancement. Enhance as much or as little as you want to get the picture just right
  • Smooth, fast, live fullscreen display. True NightVision runs at 30fps in fast mode! All enhancement and effects are 100% live
  • Powerful live zoom (4x on iPhone 3GS, 8x on iPhone 4/4S)
  • Optional 4x amplification to boost the image even further
  • Fully iPhone 4/Retina optimised, and runs in HD (1280×720) resolution on iPhone 4/4S!
  • Multiple live color modes: Full Color, Black and White, Red, Green and Blue filters
  • Multiple live effects:
    • Thermal Image (this is a video effect, not real thermal imaging)
    • Monochrome shade: Highlights patterns of light and shadow
    • False Color
    • Posterize: See the world in a limited palette of colors
  • Negative mode. Sometimes produces better images, also makes a cool X-Ray effect!
  • Built-in camera, captures exactly what you see on screen and saves automatically to your photo library (saves at 1280×720 on iPhone 4/4S, 640×480 on 3GS)
  • Built-in image viewer
  • Supports multitasking, even with other camera apps!
  • Built-in binocular simulation
  • True NightVision works whichever way you hold your phone – landscape, portrait, even upside down!

Please note:

  • Night vision in extremely dark or pitch black conditions is impossible with the iPhone camera
  • Thermal imaging is a video effect only – the iPhone does not include a thermal imaging camera!
  • True NightVision is compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4 and iPod Touch (4th gen with camera only). It is not compatible with older models or the iPad. It requires iOS 5.

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