NightCap Pro

Selected by Apple for the App Store’s Amazing Photo + Video apps promotion April 2015

The ultimate photo and video camera app for dark or low light situations. For iPhone 4S and higher and iPad. Requires iOS 8.

Do you find your photos a little dark and grainy in low light?  Meet Aidie, the AI camera operator at the heart of NightCap Pro.

Aidie (Artificial Intelligence Derived ISO and Exposure) handles the camera for you like a pro, ensuring you get the brightest, clearest shots possible. All you need to do is hold steady and tap the shutter.

NightCap Pro also has amazing tools for serious photographers, including full manual control with a unique gesture based system that gives you instant access to all controls. Simply swipe to adjust.

ISO can go up to 4x higher than any other app providing amazing light sensitivity, and there are 2 special long exposure modes: one removes almost all noise, the other captures light trails such as night traffic and even the movement of stars in the sky!

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