Camera Boost

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Camera Boost’s Presets menu. Many unique filters with live preview, more available (free of charge) in-app.

Want to take stunning photos and videos? With a wide range of beautiful filters, live preview and the option to create your own filters, Camera Boost is the only camera you’ll need.


✅ Take full resolution photos and HD video with stunning filters, live preview, and zero processing time

✅ Wide range of unique, stunning filters including black & white, lomo and vintage

Camera Boost 4.5 iPad - bridge

Camera Boost lets you quickly and easily adjust your photos, and save your settings as new preset filters.

✅ Additional filter packs available for free!

✅ Easily create your own filters or modify any existing filter. Share filters with your friends!

✅ Powerful filter controls including color filters, warmth & saturation, clarity, sharpening, noise reduction, lighting, vignette and many more

✅ Thanks to advanced UFX processing, Camera Boost photos and videos are sharper, more detailed and more colorful

✅ Ultra flexible: Even adjust filters while recording HD video. Correct, enhance and remix on the fly!

✅ Pro features: HDR, noise reduction, real (long exposure) night mode, exposure / focus / white balance locks.

✅ All features work in both Photo and Video mode.

Camera Boost 4.5 iPad - landscape

Filters with live preview mean you can see what works, experiment, and fix things as you go. Why edit later when you can edit now?


Camera Boost features the groundbreaking UFX processing engine. We call it Unlimited:

✅ No limit on how many effects you use at once.

✅ No slowdown if you use them all. No processing delays, photos and videos are saved instantly.

✅ All features work with both photo and video.


Device support:

Device Full resolution photos Video mode support Video resolution
iPhone 5 1080p HD
iPhone 4S 1080p HD
iPhone 4 720p HD
iPhone 3GS 480p
iPad 3/4 1080p HD
iPad Mini 1080p HD
iPad 2 720p HD

iPhone 2G/3G and iPad 1 are not supported.

Camera Boost 4.5 - Wheel    Camera Boost 4.5 iPad - horse