About us

Interealtime develop advanced photography and video apps for iOS.

Interealtime’s Background

Interealtime was founded in 2007, with a focus on realtime software design for Mac OS X. Since then focus has shifted to iOS development, and the company currently works on pushing the boundaries of mobile video and photography with high-end realtime processing and innovative software design.

With a background in computer graphics stretching back to the early 1990s we’re passionate about coding – and particularly realtime graphics and optimisation, both critical for our current work on mobile photography.

When the App Store launched in 2008, we were fascinated by the potential and released our first app the same year. The first iphone cameras were very poor and processing power was very limited, so we didn’t even consider making a photography app, but things moved on and with the 3GS we had a passable camera and enough power to make something cool. We’d already written some video enhancement tools for the Mac, and quickly adapted them for the iPhone to make the first realtime night vision app for iPhone – True NightVision – our first step into mobile photography.

Next came the iPad 2. It had a camera, but 2 things really stood out: how much pixel pushing power was available, and how bad the camera was. The potential for improvement was immediately obvious. A few weeks later we released Camera Boost, the first iPad-only camera app. That app evolved quite quickly, gaining the fastest image processing system available on iOS (called Unlimited FX Engine because it’s capable of an unlimited number of filters and effects in realtime, even with HD video). Later we added realtime noise reduction and a night mode for the camera, and iPad photographers rejoiced because image quality no longer sucked!

Nothing like Camera Boost’s night mode existed on the iPhone, so we built a new app – NightCap – a pure camera app, no fancy realtime effects, just long exposure. Simple, but it was the only app to achieve that for many months. With no extra features the core photography tools are critical, so we spent a lot of time getting the most basic photography tools right for that app: focus and exposure control.